When Stefano Langone sings, you feel it.


The singer songwriter blesses each song with the sort of inimitable spirit that transforms listeners into lifelong fans. That smooth, slick, and soaring voice proves both immediately recognizable and irresistible.  


Stefano went from teaching himself Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” on the keyboard at four-years-old to becoming a fan favorite on Season 10 of American Idol. Finishing in the Top 10, he not only wowed Jennifer Lopez, but he also captured the attention of the entire country. In aftermath of the show, he made countless television appearances, signed with a major record label, and embarked on two national radio tours with singles "I'm On A Roll" and "Yes To Love".  


“There have been a lot of incredible moments,” he says. “I can't emphasize enough how much I learned from my time with Idol and Hollywood records. But to get to where you want to go, you have to know where you want to go. And that answer has to come within. At that time I didn't know, and was listening to a lot of outside noise. A lot of looking through a magnifying glass a pose to looking in the mirror."


He adds, “I had to learn how to embrace my classical and jazz background in a very pop driven industry. I think the biggest difference between what I'm doing now and what I was doing back then, is I'm not covering up the very things that make up who I am as an artist. Like, my love for the piano and influences of old school Jazz and R&B. I tell everyone I work with, I want my soul to speak. And I think thats exactly what you'll be hearing from me here on out." 


Stefano started his own production company while also making a name for himself in both the performing and song writing communities in LA. His focus now has turned to his first solo album, set to release in May of 2016.


He leaves off by saying "If I can spread my gift by singing my fathers music, singing my music. Thats all I could ever dream of. If you have a dream, understand that it rarely goes to plan. Its really all about the journey. It can make or break you. But you got to take the good from the bad, and the bad out of the good. And lastly, enjoy yourself, believe in yourself, and be you"




by SteFano

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