When Stefano Langone sings, you feel it.


The singer and songwriter blesses each song with the sort of inimitable spirit that transforms listeners into lifelong fans. That smooth, slick, and soaring voice proves both immediately recognizable and irresistible. Moreover, it powers his long-awaited 2015 full-length debut, Obsession.


“I’m very proud of this music,” he goes on. “The tracks I write and produce with my team have so many layers. It’s almost like an orchestra. I bring in influences from jazz and opera to gospel and acapella. There’s something for everybody.”


Stefano went from teaching himself Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” on the keyboard at four-years-old to becoming a fan favorite on Season 10 of American Idol. Finishing in the Top 10, he not only wowed Jennifer Lopez, but he also captured the attention of the entire country. In aftermath of the show, he made television appearances everywhere from Live with Regis and Kelly to The Today Show and The Rachael Ray Show, also embarking on the nationwide arena tour American Idols LIVE! that same summer. He’s sung at Carnegie Hall, in addition to performing for packed houses globally. However, the world gets to finally hear him as he always intended on Obsession.


“There have been a lot of incredible moments,” he says. “I think having a dream and sticking with it has paid off more than anything. Everybody has a dream once or twice, but how many people stick with it or reach that point? I believe in my heart and soul that I can accomplish what I set out to do. The record is a testament to that.”


His slippery and sexy single “Lemon Squeeze” instantly enchants. Over an enticing soundscape from DMadd for Stefano’s own production company SpeakerMind Productions, the singer’s voice stretches from a hypnotically seductive croon into a towering falsetto. Among the new songs, he’s also got the intoxicating anthem “Fill My Cup”.


He adds, “It’s just one of those records that represents my sound. In some ways, I feel like people are waiting for my stamp and quintessential song. The production and melodies show SpeakerMind at its best.” At the same time, what hits the hardest is Stefano’s singular voice. You’ll know it’s him when you hear it.


“I hope everyone feels the honesty and the musicality,” he leaves off. “For the most part, my music is fun, happy, real, and emotional. At the end of the day, whether you’re out with your friends at a party, stuck in traffic, working out, or just chilling, this will be the album you can bump anytime.”



Fill My Cup

by SteFano