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When Stefano sings it, you feel it.

The singer-songwriter blesses each song with the sort of inimitable spirit that transforms listeners into lifelong fans.  His smooth, slick and soaring voice proves both immediately recognizable and irresistible.  The nation watched as he wowed Jennifer Lopez every week during his season 10 American Idol days. Following the show, he continued to capture the attention of some of industries elite, most notably R&B legend, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds.  The eleven-time Grammy award winner took Stefano under his wing mentoring him in the studio and on his national tours. 


After parting ways with Hollywood Records in 2014, Stefano’s road back to a big stage seemed out of reach. A time he explains was the real beginning of his music business journey. “You do these singing shows and you’re in a bubble. I didn’t know what it really took to succeed out here,” he explained. “When everything is handed to you almost overnight - exposure, record deal, everything that comes with live television - without having to do any real work towards your artistry, you lose yourself in that. As a young musician trying to just figure out life, I needed that extra kick to realize I had to go back to the drawing board and really discover who I was as an artist.” 

And that’s exactly what Stefano did. Working from the ground up he was able to continue writing and recording all the while giving vocal lessons and gigging in LA to make ends meet. “I think gigging and hustling out here was really that fire I needed. My mentor Jon Lind, use to always say ‘Seek humility or it shall be delivered’ And it was delivered! Trust me.”  Stefano found himself singing his way back on a national stage. Touring, writing and learning from Babyface for over three years. But now he’s ready to take that next step. “Sitting back and being a sponge, watching a legend day in and day out. It just made me want it that much more. I started writing more and working on my craft every second I could.  Getting better and preparing for this moment.”  

Now he feels like it’s time for him to share what he’s been doing behind the scenes all these years.  

Stefano’s “Inconvenient Truth” EP is available on all streaming platforms.

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